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One Year Younger Increase Your Life Expectancy in 2017  xtendlife  xtendlifethailandOne Year Younger: Increase Your Life Expectancy in 2017article

We have all heard stories about long lived races, ranging from people in some isolated parts of Russia, the Hunza's in the Himalayas, certain Indian tribes in Ecuador and more lately the Okinawans in the outlying islands of Japan. Read More

Set Your Resolutions in 2016 For Better New Year Success  xtendlife  xtendlifethailandSet Your Resolutions in 2016 For Better New Year Successarticle

The beginning of a new year is full of so much promise. We have a renewed enthusiasm to set exciting goals, perhaps start a new diet, save money or go to the gym more often. But how often do these New Year’s Resolutions quickly lose momentum and fall by the wayside? Read More

Why DHA Is So Important During Pregnancy  omega3  Fish oil  xtendlife  xtendlifethailandWhy DHA Is So Important During Pregnancyarticle

Pregnant women make important dietary decisions every day based on sound advice from their healthcare providers. They are told to consume a healthy diet that includes essential pre-natal nutrients such as folic acid and calcium. Read More

Keep Active This Winter For Better Joint HealthKeep Active This Winter For Better Joint Healtharticle

I don’t know about you but winter weather doesn’t motivate me to exercise. Often it’s cold and wet outside, the days are darker and it feels a lot more comfortable spending an evening inside on the couch. However, as much as I enjoy the warmth indoors, I know I’m missing out on the benefits of exercise and the mobility it can give me in the colder months. Read More

The Flu Season - Big Pharma's Favorite Time of YearThe Flu Season - Big Pharma's Favorite Time of Yeararticle

The winter months are often a time of festive cheer. Unfortunately, they also bring an increase in the number of illnesses brought on by an array of different reasons. One of the illnesses that we are all familiar with is the influenza virus, also known as the flu. Read More

A No-Nonsense Guide To Boosting Immunity This WinterA No-Nonsense Guide To Boosting Immunity This Winterarticle

Many cultures talk about the change of seasons affecting us. They believe that this “borderline time” affects our bodies and minds. Does science back it up? Read More

The Move Against MicrobeadsThe Move Against Microbeadsarticle

Most of us are aware of the damage plastics such as plastic bags play on oceans and marine life. Yet many of us are blissfully unaware of the little balls of plastic we wash down the drain every morning that cause even more harm than any number of plastic bags. Read More

Get Your Protein Fix With Bean Brownies  Adzuki Bean Brownie  xtendlife  xtendlifethailandGet Your Protein Fix With Bean Browniesarticle

Beans are packed full of soluble fiber, protein, and antioxidants; and yet they are one of today’s most overlooked foods, with studies showing that the average person’s diet contains less than a cup of beans per week. This is a long way from the latest dietary guidelines advising us to triple our intake to three cups per week. Read More

Can You Benefit From Fertility Herbs  xtendlfe  xtendlifethailandCan You Benefit From Fertility Herbsarticle

When it comes to trying for a baby the inability of being able to conceive can certainly be very painstaking, but on the same token, it can also be confusing. One of the most important pointers that you should be certain to keep fresh in your mind is not to give up. There are a range of alternative options out there for you to choose from which may help enhance your fertility, whether male or female. Read More

Top Tips for Hair Health and Growth  xtendlife  xtendlifethailandTop Tips for Hair Health and Growtharticle

One of the biggest concerns to do with our appearance is the health of our hair. Hair loss is certainly something we all fear and it can be a bit of a hairy topic! Some (very lucky) people have a head full of healthy, shiny hair, while others may have damaged and unhealthy hair and are losing it. Read More

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