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Omega 3 High in DHA Helps Child Concentrate at School-A Mother's Success Story  xtendlife  xtendlifethailandOmega 3 High in DHA Helps Child Concentrate at School-A Mother's Success Storyarticle

We recently received a comment from a mother on how Omega 3 high in DHA helped her son who was struggling with reading in school. Rather than being “labeled with ADD, attention deficit disorder,” Dena Stinnett Pence decided to look at natural alternatives. And we can’t blame her.  In this case she used fish oil from another company. Read More

I need some healthy oil in my diet. Any suggestions   xtendlife  xtendlifethailandI need some healthy oil in my diet. Any suggestions?article

With all the talk about good fats versus bad fats, the conversation can get a little confusing. Even more problematic, many manufacturers of unhealthy oils find ways to market themselves as healthy, making the landscape even more difficult to navigate. Read More

Taking Care Of Your Young Athlete   xtendlife  xtendlifethailandTaking Care Of Your Young Athletearticle

There is no better feeling than watching our children out on the field, playing a sport they love.  And while genetics (thanks mum and dad), fitness and raw talent all come into play, let’s not forget about nutrition! Read More

Fish-Rich Diet May Raise Good Cholesterol  xtendlife  xtendlifethailandFish-Rich Diet May Raise Good Cholesterolarticle

We know omega-3s are important for heart health, but not only can a diet rich in fish with omega-3 fatty acids help to maintain a healthy level of bad cholesterol, it also may give good cholesterol a boost. Read More

CADIOVASCULAR HEALTH  heart and blood  xtendlife  xtendlifethailandCADIOVASCULAR HEALTHarticle

Any number of diseases related to the heart and blood vessels can come under the umbrella of heart disease, including high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, and clogging of the arteries...Read More

BRAIN HEALTH  xtendlife  xtendlifethailandBRAIN HEALTHarticle

Your brain has a great need for specialised nutrients. These nutrients have to be able to cross the blood-brain barrier There is no ‘magic bullet’ when it comes to restoring or protecting brain health...Read More

A No-Nonsense Guide To Boosting Immunity This Winter xtendlife xtendlifethailandIMMUNITYarticle

There are so many different strains of cold and flu, and other viral infections that of course there is no cure for all of them The best protection against viruses and colds is prevention rather than cure...Read More


Arthritis is not a ‘natural part of aging’. Over 100 forms are preventable and potentially curable Providing the body with the correct nutrients to help with joint development and repair...Read More

DNA HEALTH xtendlife xtendlifethailandDNA HEALTHarticle

DNA methylation plays an essential role in maintaining cellular function, and hyper- or hypo- changes in methylation patterns may contribute to the development of chronic diseases and conditions such as cancer...Read More

DIGESTIVE HEALTH  xtendlife  xtendlifethailandDIGESTIVE HEALTHarticle

The digestive system is of course the one most effected by poor diet and environmental stresses. If nutrients are missing from the diet then the digestive system may have to use other more strenuous means to ensure good absorption and assimilation...Read More

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