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The Men's Health Network has called the state of men's health in the U.S. a "silent health crisis."Let’s Address The Silent Crisisarticle

On average American men live sicker and die younger than American women, the sad reality is too many men are not paying attention to their health Read More

Omega 3 fatty acids benefit heart healthOmega 3 fatty acids benefit heart healtharticle

Studies indicate that Omega 3 fatty acid deficiency can result in various conditions including lack of sleep, poor memory, heart problems, mood swings, depression and poor circulation. Read More

When creating our products we turned to nature  and found everything we needLet food be our medicinearticle

Intermittent fasting is a simple, effective way to manage weight, promote health, feel more energized while naturally detoxing the body of toxins accumulated every day. Read More

How heart smart are youHow heart smart are you?article

Cardiovascular Heart Disease is a growing health problem for men and women and one of the leading causes of death worldwide. In honour of Heart Health Month, here are some of our favourite heart blogs to boost your heart health knowledge and promote better heart care. Read More

Put Your Heart First This Valentine's Month  xtendlife  xtendlifethailandPut Your Heart First This Valentine's Montharticle

Heart disease is the number one cause of death for both men and women in the United States, and with statistics rising at an alarming rate, prevention and awareness has never been more important. Read More

Our Top 3 Wellness Tips To Embrace This Year xtendlifethailandOur Top 3 Wellness Tips To Embrace This Year article

Inflammation has been consistently linked to poor health. Be sure to incorporate inflammation-fighting foods such Read More

Hate wrinkles Here’s something you can do for more radiant skin  xtendlife  xtendlifethailandHate wrinkles? Here’s something you can do for more radiant skin.article

Even if you never venture outside without sunscreen, your skin can still be assaulted by pollution and other factors that can leave it dry, rough and wrinkled. Women everywhere are discovering a natural tool that helps them fight back. Lyc-O-Mato is a natural tomato extract that helps increase skin’s thickness, density and smoothness. Skin also becomes more supple and less wrinkled. Read More

Why We Don't Use Parabens In Our Skin Care Products  Skin Care  Paraben  xtendlife  xtendlifethailandWhy We Don't Use Parabens In Our Skin Care Productsarticle

You may be asking: "What are parabens?" Well, they are chemicals used as preservatives in almost every cosmetic product across the world. Parabens are found in cleansing gels, shampoos, personal lubricants, moisturizers, shaving gels and even toothpaste. Considering the vast array of products on the market that contain parabens, it's hard to avoid them. Read More

What do you consume fish oil for and does it really work  fish oil  omega3  DHA  heart attack  xtendlife  xtendlifethailandWhat do you consume fish oil for and does it really work?article

Pregnant mothers may get advice from the doctor to partake of fish oil for their babies’ development. Several mothers buy their children fish oil in order to improve their learning...Read More

How to Breed the Nutrition out of our Food  xtendlife  xtendlifethailandHow to Breed the Nutrition out of our Foodarticle

What do cornfields, Middle East oil, and animal concentration camps (aka CAFOs - concentrated animal feeding operations) have in common?...Read More

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