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Health Matters Newsletter - July 2020Health Matters Newsletter-July 2020article

Statins, or cholesterol-lowering drugs, are one of the most prescribed drugs in the world. Doctors have the best intentions when prescribing these to patients; however, the negative impacts are rarely discussed. Read More

Health Matters Newsletter - June 2020Health Matters Newsletter - June 2020article

This month, as we continue to hear the importance of taking care of your foundational health, Warren talks about prescription medicine – and where these might do more harm than good. For many of our customers a good example of this is a statin drug, used to lower cholesterol. But are you aware of the impact it has on your body's CoQ10 production and storage? Read More

Health Matters Newsletter - May 2020Health Matters Newsletter - May 2020article

As COVID-19 continues to impact the world, addressing your health is more important than ever before. In this month, Warren discusses the importance of foundational health in reducing the risk of degenerative disease and strengthening the immune system. He also talks on one of our most nutritional supplements as it targets the gut microbiome, which plays a significant role in immunity. Read More

Health Matters Newsletter - April 2020Health Matters Newsletter - April 2020article

This month, as the world is in the grip of coronavirus with all the fear and panic that unfortunately many people feel, Warren discusses anecdotal evidence of natural solutions which is promising in the fight against viruses. Read More

Health Matters Newsletter - March 2020Health Matters Newsletter - March 2020article

We'll be sharing personal videos with you providing insightful, transparent and thoroughly researched content from Warren Matthews, founder of Xtend-Life. Read More

Super Nutrients for Glowing SkinSuper Nutrients for Glowing Skinarticle

Environmental toxins, diet, stress and modern life all take their toll on our skin, leaving it dull, dry and tired. Read More



Natural joint relief from a pristine sourceNatural joint relief from a pristine sourcearticle

Knees, hips, necks… our bodies are a maze of joints that keep us moving. But when joints become painful or stiff, the condition isn’t just uncomfortable – it stops us from doing the things we love. Read More

How To Supercharge Your Skincare RoutineHow To Supercharge Your Skincare Routinearticle

We’ve had a busy month preparing for the launch of our new and improved skincare range, Kanapa™. We’ve always been proud of our skincare range. Read More

Men's Health: Fast track your way to optimum wellbeingMen's Health: Fast track your way to optimum wellbeingarticle

It’s Men’s Health Month, an ideal time for men to start thinking about their health and what they could be doing to maintain it. But where should you start? What should your priorities be?  Read More

How To Boost Your Performance And RecoveryHow To Boost Your Performance And Recoveryarticle

As we age, we need to be more conscious of taking care of our bodies to avoid the degenerative diseases so many older people are inflicted with. Most of them are completely avoidable. I find it sad when I see so many people even younger than me suffering from these problems.  Read More

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