Wrapping up 2017: Our best advice for optimal health and wellbeing article

Wrapping up 2017: Our best advice for optimal health and wellbeing

from top to toe with our best blogs of 2017

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The festive season is upon us now, and all of us are really looking forward to taking time out with family and friends, as we are sure you are too. 2017 has been a huge year, both on the world scene and for us here at Xtend-Life. As we reflect back on the year that was, we have decided to share with you 10 of our most popular blogs from the last 12 months.

Whether you’re interested in cardiovascular health, glowing skin or healthy aging, we are sure you’ll find a blog that captures your attention here. We love to learn and are continually researching new developments in natural health that can enhance your wellbeing. Make sure you keep up with our blogs in 2018 to learn more.

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Number One Strategy For Maintaining Health & Slowing The Aging Process

Orthodox medicine tells us that the state of our health is determined by purely physical factors (diet, lifestyle and genetics).

But what about the role of our mindset? How does the way we think affect our health?


  Number One Strategy For Maintaining Health & Slowing The Aging Process Part 2

Our organs and body systems need certain nutrients to function effectively. But the modern lifestyle makes it impossible to get all the nutrients we need from diet alone.

Targeted nutrition makes up for the shortfalls in our diet,   supporting optimal health and longevity and helping to prevent disease.


Intermittent Fasting – The Easiest Method For Maximum Health Benefits

Thought you had left pH behind in high school chemistry? Think again. Our bodies’ pH level impacts every aspect of our health, from our skin and weight to free radical damage and premature aging.


  The Importance of Healthy Gut Bacteria for Heart Health                    

Our gut flora impacts almost every facet of our health – from digestion and immunity to the size of our waistlines. Turns out it may also play an important role in the heath of hearts. 


A Woman’s Guide to Adult Acne

Thought you’d outgrown acne? Think again. Hormonal imbalances, toxins and chemical-laden skincare products can mean many women are still troubled by acne in their 20’s and beyond. Fortunately there’s plenty you can do to get skin glowing and keep pimples at bay.

  Clear Skin In 30 Days: Lillian’s Story

Lillian had tried everything to heal her acne: detoxing, green smoothies, eliminating caffeine and alcohol, but with no relief.

Then she discovered the link between candida overgrowth and acne, and her skin suddenly cleared up.

Are Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oils a Marketing Gimmick?

With thousands of fish oils on the market, selecting the right one can seem impossible. Opting for a ‘pharmaceutical grade’ fish oil might sound like a guarantee of quality, but is it really? Find out how to select the right fish oil for you

  What Do My Cholesterol Results Mean?

Cholesterol gets a really bad name. While elevated cholesterol does have some relationship with cardiovascular disease, not all types of cholesterol are created equal. So what do those cholesterol test results from your doctor actually mean?

3 Common Myths That Are Hurting Prostate Cancer Patients Dearly

A prostate cancer diagnosis is an incredibly stressful experience. It’s easy to feel pressured into selecting a treatment strategy right away, but it’s important to explore your options and understand what you can do to assist your recovery.

  Your Brain, how do you keep it healthy?

We all want to stay mentally and physically fit for our whole lives.
Most of us know how to keep our body healthy through nutrition, exercise and lifestyle, but how do we keep our mind sharp?


“Best Bang for the buck! Best supplements I have ever had! They say that health is wealth and I completely agree! I have been in search for the best vitamins around and have tried even the more expensive ones but to no or little effect. I must say that in just a few days of taking this (together with Omega 3 and Total Balance Men's Premium ) I feel better than I used to with my old vitamins. I ordered my parents the same products and hopefully they feel the same way I do now! Keep up the great work guys!”

By Jefferson R, Canada

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