Health Matters Newsletter - Total Balance Premium: The Ultimate Men's Supplement - #2 September 2021 article


Health Matters Newsletter- #2 September 2021

As we get older, standard "multi-vitamins" are simply not enough to support male health.

That's why our customers have been relying on the potent blend of over 90 specialty nutrients in Total Balance Men's Premium for the last 20 years. It supports heart and

brain health, immunity, digestion, maintains skin and appearance and, of course, delivers prostate support and a boost for testosterone levels.

Find out how Total Balance Men's Premium can help you (or your partner) fight the

causes of aging and support optimum male health.

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Total Balance Men's Premium

Because “multi-vitamins” just won’t cut it

for men who want to maintain optimal well being.


Male Rejuvenator

For men who want to get the most out of

life, Male Rejuvenator offers complete

prostate support with enhanced

testosterone levels and increased libido.


Prostate Support

For men who want targeted support with a
specific boost to prostate health.


How Total Balance supports men’s health 

The Science of Digestion

Modern life can be hard on
your stomach. Total Balance takes
guesswork out of digestion
and keeps 
you at the top
of your game


Total Balance Immunity Blend

Prevention is the best cure for
healthy. Here's how
Total Balance supports against flu,
viruses and seasonal changes.




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