Being Fit does not always mean Healthy article

 Being Fit does not always mean Healthy

Ever wondered why some famous athletes drop dead during the peak of their careers…or, why a champion marathon runner looks older their years? Surely, you would think that someone who is in the peak of physical fitness would also be healthy?

Sadly, that is not the case! 

But…the biggest problem is their bodies are much more susceptible to the ravages of free radicals than that of the average individual. This is because their intake of free radicals is much higher due to their greater intake of oxygen which is a source of free radicals. A ‘normal’ individual would take a much longer time to have a similar intake of oxygen and free radicals that a marathon runner ‘ingests’ during a ‘normal’ training week.

Free Radicals are a major cause of Aging and Degeneration

This is why some marathon runners and athletes look old before their time. Their body’s are suffering degeneration by not counteracting the higher levels of free radicals that they are subject to in their sport. We all need a decent level of anti-oxidants to combat free radicals, but, athletes need more! The more exertion they put into their sport the higher the levels of anti-oxidants they need to ingest.

If you are an athlete, you will be fighting a losing battle if you just rely on a basic multi vitamin/mineral supplement. You need a much more powerful anti-oxidant with a variety of potent nutrients. Not only potent anti-oxidants but also natural anti-inflammatory nutrients as your body is also prone to more inflammation than normal.



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