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The inside story: Why A Healthy Digestive System Is The Foundation Of Good Health article

The inside story: Why A Healthy Digestive System Is The Foundation Of Good Health

Why A Healthy Digestive System Is The Foundation Of Good Health

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Eighteen years ago, I had long sessions talking with Total Balance formulator Prof.Dr. A Munem Daoud about health and how the body works. He would constantly say to me “Warren, there are two things that you must take care of to avoid disease and have a long, healthy life. One is the brain and the other is your digestive system." All these years later I couldn’t agree more, particularly about the digestive system. Nutrients are absorbed through the intestinal walls. If your digestive system is compromised, your cells can't get the nutrients that they need from food or from supplements. To make matters worse, if food is left too long in the digestive tract, it will putrefy and toxins will seep into your blood stream.

So, you MUST keep your digestive system in pristine condition. Here are some simple hints. Always start the day with a large glass of warm, pure water immediately, when you wake up. If you feel your digestive system is compromised, give it a boost with a product like our Kiwi-Klenz. It works on the digestive system in multiple ways and is great for helping your body digest difficult proteins like meat. Clinical data supports just how good it is, and thousands of our customers have experienced the difference it makes.
Kiwi-Klenz is an important part of my daily supplement regime. I always have three capsules a day and my system works like clockwork.

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Warren Matthews
Founder, Xtend-Life Natural Products


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One of the oldest flowering plants on Earth, Horopito is native to New Zealand forests and has been used for centuries in traditional Maori medicine. In modern medicine, Horopito is revered for its ability to treat the chronic fungal infection, candida albicans. Horopito leaves contain a natural antifungal extract, called polygodial, which has been clinically-proven to be as effective as pharmaceuticals at killing candida albicans.



“Of all the great products offered by xtendlife, Kiwi-Klenz works so well for me, I make sure I never run out. No other product I have ever tried is as effective at providing me with outstanding digestive health and outstanding bowel function. I believe Kiwi-Klenz is worth trying by anyone, even if you don't think you need it. You may well be as pleasantly surprised as I was.”

By Larry B,  United States of America



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