Health Matters Newsletter - The invisible threat to heart health #3 May 2021 article



Health Matters Newsletter- #3 May 2021

Even the experts can be affected by heart disease.


In part one of this series, Warren spoke about his journey from sailing a boat to Asia to

lying flat on his back in ICU from a serious blind spot - he was unaware of a build-up of

calcification in his cardiovascular system, in particular, his aortic valve.


In the second interview, Warren spills the secrets on how he fixed the problem and the

ingredients and the experts behind the formula he used to get a heart age of 40 when

he was celebrating his 73rd birthday.


Read on for part 3.


The Warren Matthews

story - Part 3

Warren Matthews, the founder of XtendLife,

went from being an incredibly

healthy 71-year-old to lying flat on his

back in the ICU.

In this interview, he speaks even more

candidly about the testing he’s had

done, the benefits of manufacturing your

own products and how he and Xtend-Life

are continuously improving




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