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BRAND : Xtendlife
Price :  2,800.00 THB      
ฺBrief Description :
Nourish with nature's best superfoods
- Alkalize and detoxify with Organic Spirulina and Chlorella
- New Zealand superfoods high in antioxidants
- Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
Details :

Zupafood ELITE

Our #1 superfood blend for vitality

  • Elite combination of the world's best superfoods
  • Collactive™ marine collagen for healthier-looking skin
  • Support brain function, immunity and performance

Size: 30 x 8,000 mg



The Ultimate Superfood to Maintain Youth and Vitality 

We developed Zupafood™ ELITE not only as a general overall health tonic but more specifically to help defy aging with healthier skin (clearer, brighter and more youthful), hair and nails and to also to give you a boost in energy and support brain function.

Instead of having a mid-afternoon cup of coffee or an energy drink, tear open a packet of Zupafood ELITE and give your body some extra nutrients that it will thank you for.

How can Zupafood™ ELITE give these benefits?

We selected the best and most effective natural ingredients available, and combine them to maximize the benefits. These are the steps that our R & D team followed to achieve this:

Firstly we developed a unique superfood blend using a combination of superfood ingredients all harvested in New Zealand. This blend consists of kiwifruit powder, a special extract of kiwifruit, grape seed extract, grape juice powder, red grape skin extract, apple fiber, organic wheat grass and organic barley grass. This gave us the ‘foundation’ for our Zupafood™ range. 

Our ELITE product has 10,000 mg per serving packed with valuable nutrients; of which 3,800 mg is this unique blend. This superfood blend is only the ‘tip of the iceberg’ of the nutrients that you will receive. Keep reading to see what really makes Zupafood™ ELITE head and shoulders above all other superfood products.

Collagen and Elastin Polypeptides

Whereas the skincare products that we manufacture help stimulate the collagen and elastin production to slow down the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles you really need some additional support from the ‘inside out’ to fight against sagging skin. Normal collagen supplements will give very little benefit as they are not specially formulated to target the skin.

After extensive research we discovered a special form of collagen and elastin polypeptides in France which was developed from marine sources. This ingredient is called Collactive™ and is supported by human clinical studies which show significant benefits to the skin in as little as 30 days. We have included 2,000 mg of Collactive™ in each serving of Zupafood ELITE - the same amount which was used in the studies.

'Collactive' Marine Collagen and Elastin Polypeptides

Collagen fibers form 70% of the total proteins found in the dermis. When collagen fibers cross-link – they give skin the tensile strength of steel. Elastin fibers create suppleness and elasticity. Combined, collagen and elastin create the perfect 'dynamic duo' to support smooth, soft, strong and supple skin.

Low levels of collagen or a reduced amount of elastin causes skin to lose strength and flexibility. The result? Wrinkles and skin aging!

Collactive™ is composed of low molecular weight marine collagen and elastin peptides in the same ratio as the dermis in human skin.

Collactive™ combines the two main constituents of the extracellular matrix and has an anti-wrinkle synergic action: elastin fibers give the dermis suppleness that completes collagen fibers tensile strength.

The key benefits include:

  • Reinforced skin hydration. A 3 month clinical study involving women over 40 showed Collactive collagen increases the hydration of the epidermis – the layer of the skin that’s more prone to aging!
  • Minimized appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. They may not completely vanish – but it sure makes those lines harder to see! In a clinical trial there was a reduction in the number of deep wrinkles of 19% in the group taking the oral dose of Collactive compared to the placebo group.
  • Supported lifting and firming in mature skin. Collactive collagen and elastin polypeptides support the dermis to lift and tone sagging areas of the skin.
  • A protective shield against harsh weather. Trials found that Collactive helped provide protection for the skin against environmental elements.

Other information about Collactive™.

  • COLLACTIVE™ was developed with respect for the environment, and the diversity of the marine world.
  • COLLACTIVE™ stems from the recovery of natural raw materials.
  • COLLACTIVE™ is extracted from by-products generated by activities linked to the marine world and therefore represents sustainable use of marine resources.
  • The extraction procedures used during the manufacture of COLLACTIVE™ call on natural reactions without organic solvents.


Code Number : SPE30