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BRAND : Xtendlife
MODEL : Multivitamin / Multinutrient Supplement
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Total Balance range of products. It has been specially formulated for the people of Thailand in cooperation of the Thai FDA and is now registered with the FDA and available in Thailand.
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Total Balance Unisex Multivitamin / Multinutrient Supplement for Anti-Aging & General Health (120 Enteric Coated Tablets)

The ultimate whole body cell-enhancing formula!

  •  Maximum age-defying power of men and women

  •  Prevent progressive cell degenerative and its future disease

  •  Nourishing your energy, hormone and more...


Thai FDA No.10-3-03548-1-0003

Size: 120 Tablets 

Servings per bottle: 4 tablets per day

Daily Serving: Adult men or women - 4 tablets. 

Take first thing in the morning or split into 2 doses in the morning and later in the day. Take with or without food.

Retail Price : 2,080.00 Baht


A sophisticated Multi-Nutrient that addresses the major causes of aging with 74 bio-active vitamins & minerals in an enteric coating delivery system
Total Balance Unisex is one of the world renowned

In Thailand Total Balance Unisex is the ultimate supplement for everyone. It has been developed for both males and females, and caters for those individuals who want the very best that science can offer in anti-aging and wellness supplements! It addresses ALL the prime causes of aging through the use of a complex range of bio-actives and a unique delivery system.The result...a sound foundation for sustained vibrant health.  

Total Balance Unisex contains around 74 bio-active nutrients including a number of very special ones rarely seen in Thailand.  Please refer to the ingredients menu for more information. 

Scientists now know how to achieve optimum wellness and vibrant health: Feed your cells the right nutrients... in the right amounts... at the right time!

When your cells have the right nutrients - at their disposal - you create the optimum environment for healthy cell growth and longevity! This gives you a major advantage in tackling the 5 main causes of aging:

  • Excess free radicals: These are the nasty, unstable molecules that break down healthy cells and prematurely age your body!
  • Glycation: Creates "glue" that latches on to healthy cells and turns them into damaged cells!
  • Abnormal methylation: Causes abnormal cell division - which can accelerate the aging process!
  • Chronic inflammation! Prolonged and excessive inflammation is not part of the normal inflammatory response process that occurs every day in the body. Chronic inflammation creates toxic chemicals that “eat away” at body tissues and upset your body's natural balance!
  • Cellular degeneration: Genetic cell instructions and codes become corrupt - and create sicker and weaker cells!

To support your body against these 5 main causes of aging and reach the goal of optimum cell health - you can't rely on ordinary vitamins and supplements. You need a comprehensive, whole body formula that directs nutrients to your cells at the right time. That's the optimum way to experience healthy cell life!

Over 14 years ago, we pioneered the creation of a revolutionary nutrient system that delivers critical and customized nutrients your cells need... at the right amount... and at the right time - to infuse life and wellness into your body!

With these optimum nutrients at your disposal - you’ll help support the healthy functioning of the cells throughout your body!

What Benefits can you expect from Total Balance?

Some of the benefits become quite obvious to yourself and others fairly quickly...such as the improvement in the texture of your skin, an improved sense of wellbeing, clearer thinking and a better

ability to handle stress. Other benefits you may only become aware of, one or two years later, are for example...finding out that your glasses do not need to be as strong because your eyesight has improved!

Apart from the short term benefits, the real lifesaving benefits may only become obvious one or two decades from now when you are still free of degenerative disease and pain and enjoying an active life, whilst your friends are enduring all sorts of health problems and aging prematurely.

For example...through the use of some very potent natural cancer preventatives in Total Balanz you improve your chances of avoiding this common disease.

Some of the short term benefits that customers report are:

  • An improved sense of wellbeing
  • Increased energy
  • Clearer skin
  • Stronger nails and more lustrous hair 
  • Improved eyesight
  • A sharper and clearer mind
  • Improved blood profile
  • A stronger and healthier heart and circulation
  • Less susceptibility to colds, flu’s and viruses
  • Reduction or elimination of some allergies
  • Improved sleep

These reports are not surprising...They are to be expected. To better appreciate why,please take some time to click on the ingredients tab and review the 74 bio-active ingredients in this product. These all work synergistically together and provide a nutrient boost to all your organs and your brain, which in turn helps maintain your body in a state of balance and provides an excellent foundation for perfect health.    

Why does Total Balance Unisex achieve these results?

It is the science, research and development, and manufacturing technology that makes it possible combined with our no compromise approach which we apply to all our supplements. But...we confess that it is only our business model which we adopted in 1999 that has made it possible.  Only because we are the developer, manufacturer and distributor of all our products and also because we supply direct to our customers in 45 countries, are we able to keep margins much lower, resulting in product pricing that is reasonable. This would otherwise be unaffordable under conventional business models.

We have been able to use the best, most effective and natural forms of all:

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Trace elements
  • Enzymes
  • Anti-oxidants
  • Amino acids
  • Anti-glycation agents
  • Neuro-nutrients
  • Flavonoids
  • Carotenoids
  • Methylation agents
  • Adaptogens
  • Calories
  • Restriction 
  • Mimetics
  • Herbal extracts
  • Enzyme and co-factors

All these nutrients are examined at molecular level for synergy and maximum efficacy by Prof.Dr. A. Munem Daoud who heads our R & D.

Because many of these ingredients are very sensitive to stomach acid such as SAMe and Glutathione, we use an expensive delivery system called enteric coating which protects all the nutrients against acid as they pass through the stomach.  Instead all the nutrients are released in your upper intestine. This ensures that the nutrients get delivered to the right place, every time.  It also avoids any stomach discomfort and enables you to take the tablets at any time.

What are the Five Main Causes of Aging?

These are listed below and can be clicked on for additional info:

Most 'anti-aging' supplements are a mix of vitamins/minerals and anti-oxidants.They do not encompass glycation and methylation which are every bit as important as reducing free radicals. The reason why they are not included is simply cost...Not only the cost of the raw ingredients such as Carnosine and SAMe but the need to deliver them using an enteric coating.

Very few supplements address the issue of DNA repair, once again because of cost and technology. Total Balance also helps in this area.

Is Total Balanz the best that money can buy in Thailand?

Absolutely! It is without doubt the most effective overall anti-aging supplement on the Thailand market today. But the good news is that it is far from being the most expensive. It is still possible to get all the benefits of this product for less than a cup of Starbucks a day. 

It is also the Best Possible Value for Money! 

We know that this is so and as such we have been guaranteeing it for almost nine years. During that period no one has been able to find better value for money. If you can find a product in Thailand that is as effective and gives as good a value for money we would give you a refund and you could keep the product. Refer to our no risk guarantee. 

So, if you want to get the most out of life and ‘insure’ yourself by reducing the risk of future degenerative disease make Total Balanz the foundation of your supplement program. Combine it with our Omega 3/DHA Fish Oil to strengthen that foundation.








Code Number : T0001


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